Money Musketeers – Children’s Savings Account from Advancial

One of the best savings accounts for children is the Advancial’s Money Musketeers savings account because it teaches children the importance of saving money at a young age. It is fun for children and they will learn valuable lessons about saving money.

The Money Musketeers program is free to join and easy and fun to do! It is for kids 12 years old or younger. Parents can open an account for their child for as little as $5!

Once kids join the program they will start learning how fun and rewarding it is to save money. At the Money Musketeer Web site which is easy and fun to navigate, kids will find plenty of exciting things to do and they will also learn some great information that will help them mange their money.

There are many benefits to this account including the following:

• earn dividends on balances that are more than $5
• earn points for every $5 made in deposits
• earn redeemable points for a large selection of prizes
• receive quarterly rewards which are mailed to club members who make a deposit
• with a $100 minimum there will be a 1 year Starter Certificate available

If parents already have an Advancial Savings account, then they can sign up their child right away by visiting the website and downloading the membership application. Then all they have to do is take the application to any Advancial branch or mail they can it.

After the application is received a welcome kit that includes plenty of fun things to do will arrive. Also included in the welcome kit will be a newsletter packed with fun games and helpful tips to help kids save money. There’s also a helpful savings site for children here.

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