Money Musketeers – Children’s Savings Account from Advancial

One of the best savings accounts for children is the Advancial’s Money Musketeers savings account because it teaches children the importance of saving money at a young age. It is fun for children and they will learn valuable lessons about saving money.

The Money Musketeers program is free to join and easy and fun to do! It is for kids 12 years old or younger. Parents can open an account for their child for as little as $5!

Once kids join the program they will start learning how fun and rewarding it is to save money. At the Money Musketeer Web site which is easy and fun to navigate, kids will find plenty of exciting things to do and they will also learn some great information that will help them mange their money.

There are many benefits to this account including the following:

• earn dividends on balances that are more than $5
• earn points for every $5 made in deposits
• earn redeemable points for a large selection of prizes
• receive quarterly rewards which are mailed to club members who make a deposit
• with a $100 minimum there will be a 1 year Starter Certificate available

If parents already have an Advancial Savings account, then they can sign up their child right away by visiting the website and downloading the membership application. Then all they have to do is take the application to any Advancial branch or mail they can it.

After the application is received a welcome kit that includes plenty of fun things to do will arrive. Also included in the welcome kit will be a newsletter packed with fun games and helpful tips to help kids save money. There’s also a helpful savings site for children here.

Hands on Banking – Saving Education for Kids and Teens

The Hands on Banking program that allows teens to take charge of their savings and teaches them how to reach financial goals.
With our help and guidance from parents, kids can attain better spending and money management habits. Habits that will benefit them now and for long road ahead.

The fun and unique Hands on Banking program has everything needed to learn how to save money, open their first bank accounts and so much more. It is simple to use and easy to understand.

The program can be downloaded for free and instructor guides offer everything needed to direct users through group discussions, fun, valuable and exciting activities and real life situations.

The lessons in this innovative and entertaining Hands on Banking program were developed for school-aged children and it meets the national and state educational standards for English, mathematics and economics which will make it easy to incorporate into school curriculum.

The program is also designed for individual learning and for group learning. The lessons in this program are narrated, interactive and animated which will make learning that much more fun for teens! It is also packed with many helpful tips that will help teens save, budget and manage their money.

It is not a secret that teens love money, so what could be better than a reliable tool that teaches them how to manage their money? Teens will learn new and valuable lessons and skills that will help them make better and more informed financial decisions and will help make their financial futures much more secure.

It’s unfortunate that schools don’t require a money management class as part of a high school curriculum. It’s this type of knowledge that prepares our kids and teens for a better financial life. 

The Hands on Banking program is packed with many features such as worksheets, calculators and more that twill help teens mange their money and it is available for free in English or Spanish online or on CD-ROM, so teens can get started today!

Just Us Kids – Savings Accounts from US Bank

The U.S. Bank Just US Kids Savings Program is designed to help kids between the ages of 5 and 12 the value and benefits of saving money. 

This children’s savings account is an option for kids that are looking to save money. Parents should encourage their kids to save money and US Bank gives kids everywhere that opportunity. 

There is a minimum $25 deposit required to start this program which is available at any U.S. Bank branch or inquiries can be made by calling your local U.S. Bank 24-Hour Banking and Financial Sales number.

The Just US Kids Savings has many features and benefits such as no monthly maintenance fee, free ATM transactions and it is FDIC insured.

The Just US Kids program is designed for children and features many incentives to help young people learn the value and benefit of saving money for both short and long-term goals and having money set aside for later use or to give to others when in need.

This program is fun and exciting and includes many resources and activities that kids will enjoy participating in. Plus parents will receive helpful tips on how to teach their children about spending and saving money.

Another plus to the Just US Kids Savings program is that it will automatically transfer to the Teen Savings program when the child reaches the age of 13.

This program is educational for kids and a dream for parents who want their children to learn how to save money for their future!

Educating Children to Save with KidsSave!

There is a unique way for parents to help their children learn about saving money. It’s called KidsSave, an exciting and innovative money management program that helps children be in charge of their savings!

Kids will be thrilled with this program because it allows them to watch their balance grow which will most likely make them not want to withdraw their money. It will also give them a goal to shoot for whether it be a new video game or bicycle.

This program is not only fun it is educational as well. It will help teach children the value of money and the importance of saving money and how to mange their money.

Parents can create savings accounts for their children and help them manage their money. This program is wonderful because it has reward incentives such as matching funds. You can adjust settings and offer your child a higher interest rate! Paid out by yourself of course, but the goal is to help your child understand the benefits of saving money.

The online wizard with playful buttons and symbols and pop-up instructions makes this program easy to use and fun for both parents and their children. Plus it will help motivate kids to set and reach their money saving goals.

The KidsSave program will help kids prepare for the future because it teaches them to manage their pocket money and keeps a record of how the money is spent and saved.

KidsSave has many features and benefits such as and an option for parents to verify all transactions on their child’s account, automatic allowance deposits and the What If? feature helps children learn the value of adding funds to their savings or the consequences taking money out of their savings. Plus parents can monitor their child’s spending and savings habits and so much more!

The KidsSave program is available for download for $29.95. It’s also available for trial download.

Bank Of America – Open a Child’s Saving Account

Opening a Bank of America Custodial Savings for Youth account has many advantages for parents. First of all it only takes $25 to open an account and it can be managed online for free! An added plus is that it can easily be linked to the Keep the Change program which means even more money will be saved.

But only those who have a Bank of America checking or savings account can open this type of account for a child that is under the age of 18 or 21. (The age requirement varies depending on individual state laws.)

This type of account has many great features such as being insured to the FDIC maximum amount that is allowed by law and the interest is reported to the youth’s Social Security number until they become adults.

Parents will be happy to know that their kids will not be able to touch these funds until they become an adult. This won’t make kids happy but they may be happy to know that all the interest that is earned will be reported to their Social Security Number until they reach adulthood which means more cash!

What is also great about this type of account is that easy access can be obtained through any Bank of America ATM and Banking Center. Also it is very easy to open a Bank of America Custodial Savings account online for free!

A Bank of America Custodial Savings for Youth account will give parents peace of mind and help kids save money for when they are older and need cash for college, a car, clothes or whatever. What could be cooler than having money when it’s needed the most!

Affinity Bank Kids Only Savings is a Great Deal

Affinity Bank Kids Only Savings is a great option for children to get started with their savings. Unfortunately, it’s only available to California residents. Aside from that, all that is needed to get started is a $1.00 bank account deposit. A further incentive is that Affinity Bank will give you 10% on the first $500 in your account. This rate is nothing to what us adults can receive in today’s market. Kind of jealous aren’t you?

This is also a wonderful idea and deal for parents and kids because it teaches children responsibility and more importantly it teaches them how to save money! Plus with every new Kids Only Savings account that is opened an Affinity Bank Piggy Bank will be received.

Children under the age of 16 are eligible to open an account. The parent or custodian must be over the age of 18. What is needed to open an account? The custodian must have or open a Gold Checking account with Affinity Bank and they will need a minimum balance of $100. That’s it!

The beauty of this offer is that children will receive 10% earnings until they turn 18 even though the cut-off age for opening an account is 16. Plus it will give kids a head start for when they get older and will be in need of money.

It is easy to setup an account and there is very little money need to get started. There is no telling how long this offer from Affinity Bank will be available so parents should jump at the chance and open a Kids Only Savings Account today! Discover more here.
Another option here is opening an account for your child yourself. CDs vs Savings Accounts might be a good idea and offer different benefits. Check them out.